Remove sunscreen marks from your car in less than 60 seconds









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Remove baked on sunscreen marks from your car in less than 60 seconds.

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How to remove marks caused by sunscreen on your car

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Ever wondered what those annoying marks that you just cant seem to clean off are? There is a good chance they are caused by sunscreen coming into contact with your cars surface. This usually occurs when someone rubs or touches your car after they have applied sunscreen.

We’ve developed a special formula that is safe and effective to use on your car to remove those annoying marks. Finally your car can be blemish free again!

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Sunscreen marks are permanently removed.

A single pack of Hands Off will remove sunscreen marks from around 1/2 a square meter or 5 square feet in total. This is enough to do a thorough job of lots of small hand sized areas around your vehicle.

Yes. Hands Off is a special formula of safe and tested ingredients which will not damage your car paint.

Hands Off Sunscreen Mark Remover removes marks on car paint that has been caused by contact with sunscreen, sun creams and sun tanning lotions. These commonly occur around doors, boots/trunk and bonnets. Hands Off does not repair paint that is chipped, peeling or otherwise damaged.

Yes – we guarantee that if used in accordance with the 3 simple instructions, that marks caused by sunscreen on car paint will be removed from your vehicle. We will refund your purchase price minus the shipping charge upon receiving your returned product and a photo of the affected area.

We haven’t had a single return!

Hands Off has been formulated to work on all makes, models and colours of car.