Best Way of Removing Sunscreen Marks from Car Paint

how to remove sunscreen from car paintwork
Steps To Remove Sunscreen or Sunblock From Car Paint

While the sunscreen on the human skin forms a formidable barrier against the harmful sun rays, it plays havoc with the car body paint. In fact most car owners find it very difficult to clean sunscreen stain from car paint even after giving it a good wash several times. While washing it off might not be a possibility, the use of the correct product and at the earliest can help solve the problem completely.

The sunscreen is made with the intention of protecting the skin and contains several additives which help shield the skin from UV rays and sun burns. These ingredients are unfortunately neither paint friendly nor car friendly. In fact there is a very high possibility that application of the sunscreen on the skin will also result in its getting transferred onto the car paint. This leaves behind smudges and finger prints which appear as white marks on the car body paint and refuse to go even after washing it.

This circumstance arises from the fact that sunscreens are normally water resistant and hence water has no affect on it. When left for longer periods, cleaning sunscreen off car paint might become virtually impossible.

The SPF factor of the sunscreen is made up of two main and mandatory ingredients:

  • Polyethylene glycol and
  • Titanium dioxide.

While these help to reflect sunlight when applied on the skin, on the car it tends to eat away at the top coat of the paint and leave behind a white residue. This residue, if left for long on the car paint, refuses to come off even with car sunscreen cleaners. In such cases the only option for removing them is to get the car paint rebuffed.

This is, however, quite an expensive solution. Thus, in order to avoid this, it is always better to keep the Hands Off sunscreen mark remover at hand and clean the sunscreen as soon as it appears on the paint.

Marks which have been made within the past hour are the easiest to clean with this sunscreen cleaner. In order to ensure complete removal of the sunscreen from the car body paint:

  • The dust needs to be cleaned away from the area either by washing thoroughly or by using a lubricating detailing spray and a cloth.
  • The sunscreen remover for car paint needs to be then applied onto the black colored nano cloth that is provided along with the product sachet.
  • After this the area needs to be buffed using the green colored buffing cloth to get the car looking absolutely new and shiny.

Sunscreen marks on the car paint, which are not so recent, are a bit problematic and difficult to clean. However, this product also works fantastically on these aged sunscreen marks and removes them effectively without leaving any residual mark.

This sunscreen cleaner for car paint has a proven track record of yielding satisfactory results every time it is used. It thus comes highly recommended, is also adept at cleaning both recent and old sunscreen marks and is also convenient to use, cost-effective since only a small amount is required to get the job done.

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