How to remove sunscreen
marks from car paint

Identifying the problem

Before we get into how to remove those annoying marks caused by sunscreen coming into contact with your car’s surface, we need to correctly identify whether or not your car has sunscreen damage or some other form of damage such as clear coat damage.

Sunscreen damage appears like patches of discoloration in isolated areas. Generally it is not widespread and common areas include around doors and other areas where human contact with the vehicle is common.

Sunscreen marks are stubborn and annoying because often it will seem as if they have been removed after giving them a wash or a buff, only to return a short while later.

This can sometimes lead people to take more drastic actions out of frustration by using harsher chemicals or abrasive compounds which can end in complete disaster and virtually irreparable damage.

How do I remove sunscreen marks on my car?

Hands Off Sunscreen Mark Remover
Available online

Hands Off Sunscreen Mark Remover is a specially formulated product that is specifically designed to quickly and easily remove sunscreen marks from car paint.

It’s the only product on the market that has been tested on a wide range of vehicles and is proven to safely remove baked on sunscreen marks from cars.

Using the product is as simple as opening the sachet, applying a pea sized amount of the compound to the the black nano cloth (provided) and rubbing onto the car surface, followed by buffing off with the green buffing cloth.

Results are instant and long lasting. Your marks are gone and your car paint is left shining like new.

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Hands Off

Sunscreen Mark Remover