Removing Suncream from Car Paintwork with Hands Off

how to remove sunscreen from car paintwork
Steps To Remove Sunscreen or Sunblock From Car Paint

In order to protect the skin from getting sun-burnt or getting otherwise affected by the UV rays generated by the sun, it is very important to put on sunscreen. But while this sunscreen helps protect the skin, it is anathema for the car paint. Hence one needs to be very careful when using the car with the sunscreen applied onto the skin. In fact hand smudges and fingerprints need to be avoided at all costs since it is very difficult to remove sunscreen finger marks from car paintwork.

how to remove sunscreen from car paintwork

Most car owners are not aware of the damages that the sunscreen can cause until it is too late. By then white smudges start appearing on the paintwork which refuse to go even after rigorous washing. These are those marks which have been left over by the accidental brushing of the hand or by fingerprints left on the car body. There are also instances wherein when these smudges and fingerprints have been left for long, the whole panel needed to be scraped off the paint and repainted so as to permanently remove sun tan lotion from car paint.


The damages done by the sunscreen result from the chemicals that are present in the SPF factor of the sunscreen. These chemicals tend to eat away at the clear top coat of the car paint thereby leaving permanent discoloration marks on the body of the car. More often than not, the only solution was initially thought to be an expensive re-spray, the cost of which differs with luxury car re-spray costing the most.

However, there is a product which is extremely effective at removing sunscreen from car paint. This product, the Hands Off Sunscreen Mark remover, is a God send for it makes sunscreen marks disappear for ever within a time span of 60 seconds. The whole process involves just 3 simple steps:

  • Opening the sachet and taking a drop of the product onto a black colored nano cloth which comes along with the product.
  • Rubbing this product onto affected areas.
  • Buffing up the affected areas with the green colored buffing cloth which is also present in the product package.

Thus today removing fingerprints from car paintwork is not only easy and convenient; it is also effective with a proven track record and can be used on almost all variety of cars. The amount of the solution required to do the trick is so less that this product proves to be extremely cost-effective.

In order to avoid all the hassles involved in removing sunscreen from car paintwork, it is better to obtain and keep this product at hand. This is because it is not always possible to keep in mind that sunscreen has been applied and the car should not be touched without washing it off. This is especially true for kids who love to play and frolic. Thus, it can be hardly expected that they would remember not to touch the car with sunscreen on.

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