Steps To Remove Sunscreen or Sunblock From Car Paint

Removing Suncream from Car Paintwork with Hands Off
how to get sunscreen off car paint
Best Way of Removing Sunscreen Marks from Car Paint

While it is easy enough to get sunscreen onto a car, it is very difficult to get it off. Most people who have experienced white fingerprints or smudges on the car paint, which absolutely refuses to go, are left wondering as to how to remove sun tan lotion from car paintwork. While it is not easy if one does not know or have the right products, it is also not impossible to remove.

cleaning sunscreen off car paint

It was previously believed that it is imperative to act as soon as the sunscreen gets smudged onto the car paint so that it does not get a chance to get embedded onto the car paint.

Thus, there was a general tension about getting the sunscreen off and this would lead car owners to follow the below given process which people then claimed to be the answer to the burning question, “How to remove sun cream handprints off car?”


  • Washing the car: The first step is to wash the car thoroughly so that all dust and dirt that has settled on the car can be gotten rid off. Then the car has to be thoroughly dried.
  • Applying car polish: The car polish now needs to be applied on the affected parts with the help of a microfiber cloth by applying pressure as needed. This thorough rubbing removes the sunscreen from the area. This process needs to be carried out on every patch of sunscreen present on the car paint. Care should be taken to ensure that the car polish does not stay for long on the car paint.
  • Applying wax: The last step of how to get sunscreen off car exterior is to apply wax onto the affected and cleaned areas. Even though this is an optional step, it is highly recommended since it acts as an extra layer of protection for the car paint.


removing sunscreen from car paint

While this might have once been a very satisfactory process, today it can only be said to be and extremely cumbersome and taxing one. Today, thankfully, getting the sunscreen off the car involves a maximum of 60 seconds.

In fact there is only one such product available whose special formulation is so effective that it can get the car paint looking like new. Irrespective of whether the sunscreen mark is a recent one or an old baked one, this product, the Hands off Sunscreen Mark Remover, is the perfect answer to how to remove sunblock stains from car.


Having been tested on a variety of cars, it comes with a proven record of yielding results with just a drop of the product. This makes the product cost-effective, time-saving, convenient to use and of course guaranteed to give results.

Thus, today how to get sunscreen off car paint is something that is as easy as opening a sachet, taking a drop of it on the black colored nano cloth provided and rubbing the product onto the affected car surface. Then the place needs to be given a buffing using the green buffing cloth. The process is simple and the results long-lasting leaving the car owner with an almost shiny new car.

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